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I grew up as a musician and song writer traveling the United State in a greyhound bus as the youngest member of my families Gospel singing group.  I learned the importance of family and that, regardless of it's origin or makeup, the amazing experiences should be captured and shared.  Our family is still close knit and continues to complement and harmonize each others lives.  For years we took pictures of all the people and places which was woven together to create our story.  Now, with formal training, education, and business experience strength, we launched Greyecho Photography to bring our passion to you and bring your story to vivid perfection. Our goal is to produce amazing images while giving our clients a fun experience and personalized service you can only get from a contemporary family owned business. The Greyecho team has the experience, education, and creativity to spark great images.

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Address79 W Henderson Rd
Columbus, OH 43214
United States
Daytime phone614-593-5742
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Studio sessions available by appointment. Please call or email to set up a consultation where we can determine the package and time best suited to meet your needs.
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